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MRR is an Indian non-profit organisation based in Bengaluru. We commit to 'MRR to make a difference' for marginalised children, youth, women, and vulnerable communities whose lives are hampered by poverty or distress and who lack the opportunity to reach their full potential, acquire an education, or earn a living.

Women and children account for more than 70% of the overall population of India. Nonetheless, they remained isolated, underprivileged, and socially outcast, particularly in our society's weakest segments. We are dedicated to end social injustice. Our responsibility as civil society is to assist them in achieving their goals of education, livelihood, inclusion, well-being, and social justice.

Our Mission

We pledge to ‘MRR to make a difference’ to those under serve Children, Youth, Women and Communities around us by:

  • Contributing to a resilient, sustainable and just society for all.

  • Fostering individual capacity through building self awareness, personal development, education and livelihood skills.

  • Facilitating knowledge, resources and crucial linkages to enable the individual's empowerment and progress.

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